Fly Little Angel

There was an angel
That wanted to fly
She was kept in a cage
So instead she cried
Her tears were felt
From far away
A winged warrior appeared
And he held sway
With all his power
Fury and rage
He set her free
From her cage
Fly little angel
Soar to the stars
And never be afraid
To be who you are

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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38 thoughts on “Fly Little Angel”

  1. My pleasure Pene and you’re right these are very challenging and testing times but I believe we will prevail not completely unscathed but we will get through and the joy will return just remember you have a friend in me and I’m always here to support you my good friend anytime.We all have to take care of each other.Be blessed.

  2. Ok, I you are so correct. It will be tough but we will get through. Thanks for the love, we will have to count on each other to bring us up on the days we feel low. I am so grateful for all you on wordpress. Sincere thanks.

  3. Hey Chuck firstly thank you my friend you’re always very kind I’m grateful for that and yes it was definitely written for someone we know and love everyone deserves to free of tyranny thank you again my friend bless your heart.

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