Kindness Is Strength

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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22 thoughts on “Kindness Is Strength”

  1. Robbie this is a solid foundational truth that nothing can subdue; not even the fiercest of adversaries; they try and they cancel out themselves. Sort of like melting butter or as my mom would always say kill them with kindness! My Italian blood I have to admit made that a bit difficult at times even though I knew she was always right about it. I’m still that double edged sword, goes both way with me I can be gentle like a lamb or ready to take on Goliath like a tiger; not that I’m that powerful but in my heart I am and would do down fighting if I must; and e all heard those stories about some guy all pumped up on adrenalin lifting a car off a guy getting crushed! Two huge body builders had me to deal with many years ago when in heavy traffic with the T roof off my car this character didn’t like that I looked at him and shock my head about all his weaving in the highway parking lot traffic jam and he ended up right next to me again after all that stupidity. He spit a huge one on my neck and shoulder and I told him to pull off the road you punk. These guys had me spin into the dirt area jump out and walk right up to him and I won’t repeat what I said but let’s just say he had a decision to me right there and then a bit Jack Nicholson or Al Pacino-esque; well he got my point and knew I meant it, so the big huge muscle man proceeded to do everything but cry with his knees knocking and his hand out saying please shake my hand I don’t believe I did that! I left it all that he better had learned the freaking lesson he needed to learn if he knew what’s good for him, how I knew there are plenty of people in the area we were from that if he pulled that stunt with one of them in a moment of stupidity they would be picking him up with a shovel or what’s left! My point is my friend; I guess we could say I did show “Kindness” in the end after all, and maybe some mercy that things didn’t get too ugly to live with. So, I guess I’m showing the contrasts here and how Kindness is one of the most valuable of all human emotions, in all kinds of ways and places; maybe pity is a close second? What do ya think? But, I do love this Blog and I think I told you I have a great affinity with wolves and always have, so he photo is superb! Even when I thought I did love them enough, I found I loved them more after reading Jack London’s “The Call of The Wild!”

  2. BTW, sorry for the long post and all the typos, I’m still under the weather feeling like a wet dish cloth or maybe somebody mopped a floor with me when I was knocked out! 👍 🙏

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