⚔️Wild At Heart⚔️

I was but a cub
Just a small child
With a heart that’s pure
So gentle and mild
Although I have grown
My hearts still the same
But I walk a new path
More wild less tame
When I discovered
Evil had a name
I would find this one
And hunt him down
Slay the beast
And take his crown
My last words to him
We’re simple and raw
If you’re not prepared to fight
Don’t start a war

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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33 thoughts on “⚔️Wild At Heart⚔️”

  1. Robbie… this is super powerful. I love the inversion of the words “raw” and “war.” Also the insight into how innocence turns to warrior-like energy.

  2. Thank you Lia it’s funny I thought about my own life and this just came out the words started to flow next thing I knew it was finished.
    I really appreciate your kindness and insight you notice things I like that.

  3. I loved this. My Mentor in ’71 complimented me for Pure heart and gave an advice to better my “indulgence in luxury of mind” by reading a lot, anything, everything. He said. Absorb. Fill the cup, share with needy and empty the cup. Find what knowledge you further need and go for a Refill and repeat the process. He said, it will keep my heart PURE all my life as long as I am sharing freely and have Humanity withing me. Thanks for kindly sharing. Jay

  4. Hello Jay this my friend is a wonderful way to live I see you here day after day sharing your cup of life and knowledge with us all and I am so grateful you are here you are a true inspiration and I’m proud to call you my friend you share your kindness wisdom and knowledge and that is wonderful thing we as people can learn so much from each other and together share this cup of life and knowledge thank you Jay you’re a good man and an inspiration.Kind regards Robbie

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