Think Before You Steal

This is being exclusively written for one person who follows my blog and when you read this you will know it’s for you I know that because you chose to steal 4 lines of one of my poems word for word then had the nerve to publish it and say you wrote it for someone from the bottom of your heart I mean come on really if anything it’s from the bottom of my heart you stole from dude.

As flattered as I am that you chose to use my words you could have at least had the common sense and the decency to rearrange them so I wouldn’t notice.

I’m not going to name you because that’s not the sort of person I am but just know my work is copyrighted and above everything else I’m insulted for myself and every other person who puts in the hard yards to write something for others to enjoy so in future think before you steal because in the end only you look like a fool.

So I will end this open letter to that loveable little scamp who “borrowed “ my writing and dedicate this song to him it’s by a band called Edguy and the song is “King Of Fools” enjoy 😉 song link is below

Have a beautiful day everyone.

Robbie (Archangel White Wolf 🐺)

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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37 thoughts on “Think Before You Steal”

  1. Thanks my friend I would love to but it’s probably best I don’t he knows what he did I think I’m more saddened and disappointed than mad now so I figured the best way past it was with a dose of humour too hence the song love your blog by way have a great day friend.

  2. Don’t feel bad… Your ideas and thoughts are amazing… You will always do better n best part of your thoughts is that you have the heart to forgive… Nothing better than that.. I am doing fine… Be safe, be happy!

  3. Thank you my friend I’m glad you’re well and you’re right I think in this case forgiveness is best there’s more serious things in the world right now thank you I appreciate your kind thoughts and insights.

  4. Thank you Lia I’ve decided to forgive and move on from it in the end the person who did it is only hurting themselves I feel sorry for him in a way thank you for your wonderful kindness ❤️

  5. No one can never beat the original….no matter what….the essence can never be captured…but I understand, it’s quite low of that person. One thing I like the most of blogging (stories, facts, poems, thoughts, sketches, art or whatever) is that people have their unique style….originality….which makes the reading, sensing, feeling very special. If that’s copied, what’s left….but the copycat can never be able to grasp the essence….much love

  6. Thank you so much Nevis I really appreciate your kindness and support that means a whole lot and you’re right that essence you capture when you write and that feeling cannot be copied have a great day and thank you again.

  7. Your welcome white wolf (I don’t know your real name). But I like mine new one (Nevis) 😊. You too have a great day – Navin

  8. That really sucks Robbie! Same shit different day of someone ripping someone off as usual and anything that isn’t nailed or bolted down like they say! I had fence panels ready to put up along the back of my garage and overnight someone hauled them off, but eyes see these things! What idiots! So many low life dirt bags walking loose! They should get a job and work their ass off like I have, doing 16 hour shifts and a few hours’ sleep, then they would surely appreciate others property!

  9. The problem with sharing our work. People will loan and borrow. I liked Bob Dylan quote. “If you are going to steal my work. Write it better than I did.” I hope you are doing well and be safe.

  10. Hello John it’s great to hear from you my friend and I hope you’re well and staying safe too yes you’re absolutely right there are those write and those “borrow” I would prefer to write something terrible that was mine than steal someone’s beautiful work which they worked hard on and I love the quote you used great artist choice take care John you’re a good man.

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