Judgment Day

The world was once

A barren land

Nothing but dirt

Desert and sand

Until angels saw

What we’ve done

Eternal tears

The water comes

What did we do

To make them cry

Was it the ones

Who cheat steal and lie

If we as people

Don’t change our ways

The final judgement

Will come someday

We are facing

End of days

No prejudice

No distinction

We as people

Now face extinction

It’s not too late

We can atone

But we cannot

Do it alone

If we can just

End the hate

We must do better

Before it’s too late

Archangel White Wolf 🐺❤️⚔️

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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