The Unforgiven

I used to love

The pouring rain

Now it’s a veil

To hide the pain

Rolling tears

Turn to Inner fears

I use the thunder

To mask my cries

As the lightning flashes

In my tear soaked eyes

I fall to my knees

And look to the sky

I scream in angst

And ask you why

You never let me

Say goodbye

You say I should forgive

And then forget

But those are things

I would regret

When your loved one

Is murdered

And taken too soon

Let’s see if you’re in

A forgiving mood

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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51 thoughts on “The Unforgiven”

  1. Thank you Nikki you’re very sweet it’s ok I’m venting trying to release what’s left of the anger inside me that remains from what happened 8 years ago.Ill be ok besides I know love is better than hate and I would rather love in the end and give someone beautiful and special that love they deserve.

  2. You both where very lucky to find that love that you shared its amazing and beautiful!! I know your heart is big and your heart is full of love!! ❤ beautiful write robbie

  3. Robbie, praying for you. This poem is powerful and streams right from your heart. Oh how you were loved by your girl and God has always loved you. Nothing can separate us from His love.

  4. Hello Julie from the bottom of my heart I’ve always been thankful and grateful for your friendship and guidance you’ve always been there in the darkest hours and I value you greatly you’re priceless my dear friend bless your kind heart I hope you and your family are doing well you’re always in my prayers.

  5. Hey Robbie you’re very welcome! I was just about to rush out the door at about 8 AM but this beautiful poem and photo caught my attention immediately so I had to respond now rather than later! It is very beautiful what you said here my friend and you are a good soul through and through; you bring a tear to my eye here, I truly feel for you! You’re in my prayers today and you keep on sir, God is with you! Thank you very much! I’ll be carrying your voice in this poetic work of yours with me as I leave now and I’m sure it will continue to stir my own heart and soul…….

  6. Ur heart is plentiful..mesmerizing…unique…incendiary….charming and exquisite. Anyone who has had ur love was very special lady. U have so very much to offer if u choose to give love a try again. Ur amazing dear Robbie🐺🌻💋

  7. You’re so welcome. I recently started a poetry blog, so I’ve been looking for intersting poets to follow. Your site caught my eye. Your poetry stands out too. 😊 I hope and pray that you will find healing through pouring out your heart in lyrical word. Poetry has always been a great way to rejoice and grieve for me.

  8. Thank you I hope so too and should you want to talk about what you’re going through I’m here for you anytime you need me I look forward to reading more of what you write I like your style too.☺️

  9. I am so in love with your words.. I hope that is ok to say in English… or not, please tell me Robbie..
    I hope you understand what I mean.
    Oh my.. my wolf heart & soul just got a desire to write in response to this… maybe I do..

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