⚔️I Serve The Light⚔️ – For All Of You

Depression reigned

I let it rule my head

It doesn’t care

It left me there for dead

This is one battle

You won’t win

I serve the light

You’re the wages of sin

I had to die

To be born again

Depression won’t win

I’m staying to the end

I’ll earn my wings

I’ll stay and fight

Where I see darkness

I’ll bring the light

Archangel White Wolf 🐺⚔️❤️

This is for all of you whether you struggle in one way or another or know someone who does please don’t turn away face them and ask the question”Are you ok?”

I love you all.🐺❤️

Published by: Archangel White Wolf

I write poetry and music I love reading other people’s writing. I believe in supporting and promoting other people’s work and growing the community in a positive way.❤️🐺⚔️

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49 thoughts on “⚔️I Serve The Light⚔️ – For All Of You”

  1. I’m glad to hear it’s getting better Robbie. Depression is very tough… just when one needs help the most one sometimes doesn’t know how to get it. I’ve been there… but I am well at the moment, thanks 🙏 ❤️

  2. ‘Where I see darkness
    I’ll bring the light’ that my dear friend, is the attitude that will intrude upon your mood to make sure you don’t brood even in times when things are not going good. Thanks so much for the food for thought and word of encouragement to all those facing their judgement. I hope you’re winning all your battles of emotional stress and I wish you a new year filled with happiness and bliss.

  3. Thank you so much my friend true words of encouragement I am very grateful for your kindness and my goal is to battle my own demons and help as many as I can along the path of life have a great day my friend.

  4. you are more than welcome, in fact don’t even mention it. I find it hard not to admire anyone who seeks to inspire others using the strength they have gained whilst battling with demons. Certainly having a great day and looking forward to reading many more of your inspirational works

  5. If you look at your reflection in a mirror, there may also be a reflection of the only enemy present.
    It is therefore a personal work to do to improve the reflection.
    A veritable work to do on oneself, because it is the only person who can be changed or improved.
    And you are absolutely right, you have to love, starting with yourself.

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