The Last Goodbye 🐾🐺❤️

My heartbeat slows

My breathing fades

As I lay here on

My final day

I will miss you all

But please don’t cry

As I close my eyes

And say goodbye

64 thoughts on “The Last Goodbye 🐾🐺❤️”

  1. I do understand, writing is great therapy. It is a great expression, a tool for healing of any nature.
    You are indeed welcome! Don’t forget to Breathe…💜

  2. So painful, sad, heartbreaking… I lost my words…So very touching words from a heart in sorrow….I can feel a diamond tear falling down my cheek, because I can feel the pain, my pain when I loose someone I love…. but my soul is hurting and crying with me because of your sadness❤️
    (i’m a bit unsure if i can say this way in English..but i hope you understand me)

  3. I too will someday say my last goodbye. For now, I cherished every moment, every breath, every loving person I meet. Fod I shall not pass this way again.

  4. Robbie, you only need a few select words to push our emotional buttons. I can think of loved ones who have passed on, but their memories shine bright and colorful.

  5. Hello my friend thank you for your wonderfully kind encouraging words it means the world to me and yes it’s true amongst the sadness and the heartache there is beautiful memories that will always remain.

  6. Hi Robbie, sorry to hear about the loss of a faithful companion; it most certainly reminds me of how I felt when I lost each of my beloved dogs! Just a few years ago while I was struggling with a major injury to my lungs from an industrial on the job lung injury from highly concentrated chemicals which never should have happened but did because of very corrupted politics in a government job which was loaded with backstabbing cronies, which led me to fighting my own workers compensation case after I fired the lawyer who was more interested in appeasing the system, so I kicked butt as best I could being good with science all my life and getting a God Sent doctor who was a scientist and highly respected, so I had leverage in the end thank God. But, the tough part was while I was sick getting pneumonia and feeling like crap my mixed breed Chow Chow and English Black Lab was always being close by as he knew I was not well and I would lie on the couch or in bed watching TV and he would get up next to me and start licking my neck and face or my chest if it was exposed! I swear he was trying to cure me, because a few years later when I had resolved my legal case and was improving a lot he suddenly got very ill and it turned out to be a breathing issue related to laryngeal paralysis! I had to go practically insane trying to save him and I never had put a dog down even one that had liver cancer as I kept her home like a hospice patient and monitored her extensively and kept her comfortable so she could pass calmly with me and the other dogs around her in her own home. I had to rush my little buddy to the animal hospital on a second trip after he had improved some being on medications but when I finally got him there they were against trying to do an emergency surgery and because of such severe lack of oxygen he sustained they said he had brain damage which broke my heart, so they were allowing me to sit in the operating room while they slowly shut him down with cooling and meds then the final injection. They actually did this all over a few hours as they had to ease me into the reality, so they had me thinking they might do a surgery but then they slowly prepared me for the bad news and wanted me to not lose it!
    I wrote about him a few times but I never get over losing him and miss him often, but I say God I have faith in you and know this all comes out perfect in the end so I figure I’m going to see him again in the great beyond, because God loves them more than we know so nothing is a real loss with God in control! They never leave our hearts so therefore they are still with us we just have to completely rejoin again when the time is right! All in God’s hands!
    Lot’s of hope and peace!

  7. These last two have been sad, but still beautiful poems. Glad to hear it’s just a healthy way of dealing with the things we go through in life, best wishes to you Robbie

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