24 thoughts on “🕰Time🕰”

  1. Very Timely! Thank you for that Robbie! You seem to be in Time or Sync! Again a touch of the surreal but grounded in the genuine heart, making it so visceral! Captures the spirit and reaches out to freedom through genuine creative expression! Like the wild staying open to the heartbeat of the wild open universe to transcend time and space and touch God!

  2. Robbie… hope you are okay. I have felt like this a bit too, recently. Feelings, ah, feelings. Whatever they are, we’re allowed to have them. At least, so I hear, anyway. :)) Plus, they seem to generate words, so for those of us addicted to them, it’s a good thing. ;)) Keep poeting please; always love to see yours in the feed; they’re among my faves. Sending love ❤️

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