The Better Half Of Me

Once had a love

She was torn from me

The body remained

Her soul set free

I miss that laugh

Her beautiful voice

Taken too early

Not by choice

I walked the world

Sad and alone

I could not face

Going back home

So I walk this road

And watch the sky

Hoping to see you

One last time

The tears still come

From time to time

If only I had got

To say goodbye

So rest little angel

May you hurt no more

My eternal love


42 thoughts on “The Better Half Of Me”

  1. Sadness and the pain of loss expressed so beautifully from a heart filled with love.
    Very deep and meaningful.
    You are an amazing writer.
    Blessings 🍃🍃

  2. A love like this u can never forget. The memories, joy and shared love will live forever in ur heart and soul🌈🌞🐺💜🙏

  3. This is painfully beautiful🐺and I wiping away my tears from my heart. This hit me so hard… but still you inspired me to write something….🎶thank you so much. Thank you for sharing your lovely talent.
    ❤️Take care🐺🌹

  4. I can feel every touch in every inked word -pain- …. and that’s why I just have to write a poem after reading your words …❤️🐺I understand it was sad to write….🐺
    Thank you for being you.
    I wish you a nice day.

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