I’m starting a new award here on WordPress it’s called “The Lone Wolf Award” and it’s going to be in recognition of writers/artists/musicians and blog posters etc who share their wonderful gifts with us all.

Another facet of this award is recognising those who support and encourage the work of others here on WordPress.

As a recipient of this award you are not required to answer any questions nor ask anything of others it’s simply my way of saying thank you to each and everyone of you who do such wonderful things in this community.

My first recipient for this award is

Big Buckeye Sky bigskybuckeye.com for his excellent writing and encouragement of so many others he has a wonderfully positive attitude and is a fantastic influence for others.

There are so many others I will give this award to over time as there are so many highly talented people right here on WordPress it’s an incredible community which I’m proud to be a part of.

Have an amazing day everyone

Love you all

Robbie (Archangel White Wolf)