❤️Love Won❤️

There was an Archangel

Keeper of the gates

Protector of heaven

And humanity’s fate

This warrior was lonely

But then found love

She was truly a gift

From the heavens above

But war was coming

Demons of rage

Who wanted to lock him

Inside a cage

So he made a promise

An eternal vow

He would hunt the demons

Stop evil now

When it was over

All said and done

Evil was crushed

And love truly won

Archangel White Wolf (Robbie) ©

15 thoughts on “❤️Love Won❤️”

  1. This is magical, such a beautifully written piece.
    Love trumps All.
    It is free indeed.
    Love can’t be hidden or put in a cage.
    True Love conquers All.
    Another heartfelt romantic piece masterpiece. So powerfully expressive straight from the heart. Just lovely 😊

  2. A beautiful poem about real feelings. Love is timeless, romantic and often idealized. You are created to write about feelings.

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