🔥When Two Become One🔥

Some words

Are not spoken

From the lips

Of the heartbroken

For when there’s a loss

There’s always a cost

For when there’s two flames

And one burns out

The world grows darker

You live in self doubt

Will there ever be another

To light the way

Will the twin flame burn

Again some day

Archangel White Wolf (Robbie) ©

33 thoughts on “🔥When Two Become One🔥”

  1. There’ll be another,
    that’ll join you one day,
    It’ll rekindle the old Sparks,
    And make you whole someday.
    Then the twin will burn,
    Forever and always.

  2. Unspoken is so beautifully written. This piece is deeply profound and expresses many levels. The light has been ignited, a Newness of Light is shining bright. A True Love.

    True Love interrupts and translates those unspoken words through an Ignited Heart 💜 of Light. A Love so Powerful so, strong.

    I want to encourage you.
    The Unspoken in any relationship will always exist. The Light interrupts the Unspoken, when two are bonded by True Love.


  3. Only if u can let go of the unspoken pain can u be free to have a different flame ignite..Each love we experience if we r lucky to will be unique….So never expect it tp be as it once was.Thats what makes love so special

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