❤️Forever After❤️

You will never be in darkness

For I will light the way

I will show you love

Where there was none

Each and everyday

I will protect your precious heart

We will never be apart

Stimulate your mind

Until the end of time

I will show you things

You’ve never seen before

I offer you eternal love


Archangel White Wolf (Robbie) ©

66 thoughts on “❤️Forever After❤️”

  1. You are very welcome! Thank you it’s been a busy time. I hope to be here more ♥️🥰

  2. Most powerful “Until the end of time

    I will show you things

    You’ve never seen before”
    Most wonderful thoughts. I thought this will be the ending punchline. I love your poetry. Regards Jay 🙏♥️♥️♥️

  3. Wow… This was absolutely fantastic and my soul hides these words in as far as possible. I have a feeling that these words are so powerful, heartfelt and touching that I want to take them out again from my soul and read again and again and again… because every touch of this word give me feelings I just cover my self with and it’s like «home»…🦋Thank you🐺❤️🌹

  4. Thank you so much Lillian you have the most beautiful way of describing your feelings I think it’s wonderful and it makes me so happy what I write touches your heart and soul.🐺❤️🦋🌹

  5. …and I am so grateful that you are you and I can read your words🐺Thank you 🌹❤️🦋I hope you are okei and you filled your day with love and happiness🦋

  6. Thank you and I’m so grateful that such a beautiful soul sees so deeply into what I write thank you once again Lillian and I hope you have a wonderful day today also filled with joy and love my day is better already thanks to you.🐺❤️🦋🌹

  7. Protection of the heart, how powerful is this, would you trust someone to protect your heart?❤️

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