Will You Remember Me?

Have you ever felt

That you just don’t belong

Like a tearless eye

In the saddest song

Like a rose in the desert

I shouldn’t be here

Will I fade away

Just disappear

Would anyone notice

Will anyone care

About the life I lived

And the joy I shared

All I want is to love once more

Then I can close my eyes


Archangel White Wolf (Robbie) ©

29 thoughts on “Will You Remember Me?”

  1. I am very sure that u would/will be remembered always. Ur words mean so much and make people think of things that people dont really think about and yet alone want to talk about. Ur light shines on amongst ur readers. And anyone in ur life is extemly lucky to know u and have u in their life. U r a beautiful treasure Robbie🐺😇💜

  2. If I have felt, this was heartbreaking and self-pitying, and I recognized myself in the sad words, but true. It was a time when I would not live, but I would not die either.
    Thank you so much for sharing from bottom of your heart and soul🦋
    The picture of the wolf says more than 1000 words🦋, it speak to me❤️

  3. I will remember you, because you have your own identity and are reflecting it on you poems❤️

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